About the Press

Publicacions URV is the publishing label of the Rovira i Virgili University in Tarragona. This label was created in 2005 with the objective of publishing and distributing, through various collections, university works of an institutional, educational, research, and informative nature. We have since published a significant number of publications that are a good example of the activity carried out in our university. With this website we want to bring you closer to our publications, where we not only make visible the results of university research but also promote culture and put knowledge at the service of society.


Publicacions URV
Av. Catalunya, 35
43002 Tarragona
Phone +34 977 558 474
E-mail: publicacions@urv.cat

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Publications URV provides free access to our entire editorial, institutional and academic catalogue is encouraged, inkeeping with the regulations governing the presentation of originals. In addition, research books included in our research collections meet the requirements (e.g. external peer review) for the Academic Publishing Quality Seal (CEA-APQ).


Publicacions URV provides immediate free access to its contents based on the principle that by making research available to the public, free of charge, the global exchange of knowledge is promoted. All ebooks are available under a Creative Commons 3.0 license (acknowledgement of author, no commercial use, no derivative work).

In the context of the comprehensive planning of the assigments of edition and promotion of the collection, emphasis is strongly given to the digital preservation of published documents. Therefore, in order to ensure the lasting survival of the scientific material, the following measures are taken into account:

- Publicacions URV periodically makes backup copies of the published and work files, in external disk drives.

- When Publicacions URV performs any update of its publishing programmes, it takes into account the requirement for compatibility of the formats, both, those related to the internal editing process, and those of the final publication, in order to ensure future recovery if necessary.

- The Learning and Research Center of the URV (CRAI) stores a collection of all published articles and corresponding metadata that is accessible through the institutional repository of the Rovira i Virgili University. This copy is located in different servers than the one hosting the collection.

- The DOI registration through the Crossref platform ensures the dissemination and survival of the metadata related to the literary works. 

- Thanks to the open access license, all interested parties are encouraged to make copies of the books and metadata published, for conservation and preservation purposes.